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DPN Educational Programs

Project Graduation: 
Provides one on one support to improve academic performance by using trained graduation coaches, working with each student and family at the beginning of each year to establish academic collegiate and person goals. PG also provides college tours and preparation, which indludes exposing students to college culture by providing resources regarding college admission procedures, financaial aid and scholarships, and other related topics. 

Pathway to Literacy (PTL): 
Early childhood parent education program that serves families with children aged 1.5-4.5. PTL prepares parents to be their child's first teacher by giving them the tools, skills and support that they need to ensue their child is ready for school. 

Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV):
Recruits teachers who pair up with parents to visit the homes of their students and set joint goals. They repeat visit 2-3 times a year through out the school year.

Pathway to Excellence (PTE): 
Engages young men to work directly with successful Sigma Pi Phi fraternity members in career tracks including Business, Medicine and Law.