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DPN Core Programs

Parent Leadership Academy
DPN believes that parents are the best advocates for children. We work to improve the leadership skills of paents so that they can improve parenting in their neighborhoods, churches, schools and community. 

The Parent Leadership Academy includes:

Parent Leadership Training (PLT)
Parents becom self-aware and identify their personal power. Parents clarify their motiviation, vision and develop a personal mission statement.

Parent Advocacy Training (PAT)
Parents become champions and advocates for children. 

Parent Project (PP)
Parents develop and implement a project that alings with their mission statement to enhance families, schools and/or the community.

Train the Trainer (TTT)
Ongoing support for all facilitators and parent leaders of DPN to assist with increasing knowledge, confidence and execution of trainings and workshops.

Coaching and Professional Development
Monthly professional development and coaching that enhances communication, organization and presentation skills.

Love and Logic (LL)
Parents are provided practice tools to assist with raising responsible children.