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Detroit To Roll Out 9 After-School Centers

Grade school and middle school students in Detroit will have access to nine after-school centers throughout the city following an agreement Monday between the Detroit Recreation Department and Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Detroit youth ages 6-13 — public, charter or private school students — can sign up for the free program starting Monday. It will continue 3-6 p.m. every school day through the school year.

Vitti: Some Schools of Choice ‘Disastrous’

Jennifer Chambers, The Detroit News, October 25, 2017

The best place for a child to be educated is a traditional public school, and some charter schools without “guardrails” have been disastrous for communities, said Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit’s school district.

“Let’s be real. This is about competition,” he said Wednesday at the first State of the Schools event in Detroit. “Charters were created to be competitive.


Detroit News Editorial: Snyder Is Backing Smart School Agenda

The Detroit News, October 18, 2017

As Michigan seeks to improve the standing of its schools, there are many lessons this state can learn from others. That’s why we’ve devoted space in these pages to our series, “Fixing Michigan’s Schools.” And we will continue to do so in coming months.

There are positive efforts already underway in this state. Gov.


Detroit Schools Count 48,511 Students on Wednesday... Above Budget Projections

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, October 5, 2017

Count Day for the Detroit Public Schools Community District provided some good news. But there's even better news.

The district, which has been shedding students for years, had 48,511 students show up for classes Wednesday, one of two important days of the year in which the enrollment helps determine how much state aid schools receive.

Return of PTAs Key to Detroit School District's Parent Outreach

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, September 28, 2017

The Detroit Public Schools Community District is taking a familiar approach to engaging parents and teachers: It's returning Parent-Teacher Associations to schools in the district.

The board of education for the district approved reinstating the groups at a meeting earlier this month. It's part of a broad approach new Superintendent Nikolai Vitti is taking to connect with parents.

Tips for Finding a Tutor for Your Child

Metro Parent For Southeast Michigan, Written by Shelby Stewart, September 8, 2017

Summer vacation has come to a close, and it’s back to the books for your kids. Parents, you may find your children are struggling a bit academically, or just need help with schoolwork from time to time, which means it could be time to consider finding a tutor for your child.

Cyber-Bullying Increasing in Middle and High Schools, Study Says

Metro Parent For Southeast Michigan, Written by Christina Clark, August 31, 2017

Kids are cruel. They mercilessly nitpick one another about trivial things like clothing, hair and weight to the point of tears – and challenging the status quo or social norms will earn you a one-way ticket to Tease Town.


2017 M-STEP Results in Michigan Reveal a Troubling Trend in Education

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, Published August 29, 2017 

Michigan's elementary and middle school students are slowly making gains in math and social studies on the state's tough standardized exam. But a troubling trend is obvious in results released Tuesday: That progress is overshadowed by declines nearly across the board in reading and writing, as well as continued struggles in science.

In Detroit, a Battle Over the Right To Literacy

By Eliza Mills and Lizzie O'Leary, Marketplace, August 10,2017

"I feel like I've been cheated." 

It's one of the first things Jamarria Hall said about his education at Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative Energy, a Detroit public school. Hall is 17 years old, tall and gangly.

Record Number of Michigan Schools to Start Early

Jennifer Chambers, The Detroit News, July 31, 2017 

A record number of Michigan school districts are bypassing the state’s 17-year ban on starting school before Labor Day and opening their doors to students in August.

A total of 123 school districts across the state have received waivers from the Michigan Department of Education that release them from the requirement to start school after the late summer holiday.

Fifteen DPSCD schools Selected for Neighborhoods Day Beautification Projects

DPSCD Press Release, Posted on July 28, 2017

Fifteen DPSCD schools have been selected as part of the 11th Annual Arise Detroit Neighborhoods Day. On August 5, more than 200 Blue Cross Blue Shield volunteers will spend Neighborhoods Day at DPSCD schools weeding, planting, painting and cleaning the schools and the surrounding areas to spruce up the buildings before the students and teachers return.

Creating a Better "Family Time" Space for Parents With Kids in Foster Care


Family visits for kids in foster care often take place in a foster care agency’s office, which is not always the homiest setting. But a new program launching in Wayne County wants to change that.

Neighborhoods of Hope is a collaboration between the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and community partners in Detroit.


Former Teachers and Principals on Team Helping to Lift Detroit Schools

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, July 13, 2017

Nikolai Vitti has wasted no time in rebuilding the Detroit Public Schools Community District, orchestrating a revamp of his cabinet and the central office staff that has led to the departures of some of the district's top leaders, but has brought in people he says will be key to the academic turnaround that's needed.

Duggan Revives One Detroit School Panel Bid

Ingrid Jacques, The Detroit News,  May 31, 2017 

A year after he was rebuffed by the Legislature, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is working to revive his idea for fixing the city’s broken education system. The mayor is going back to lawmakers asking for a Detroit education commission to coordinate all city schools, both charter and traditional.


Dr. Nikolai Vitti Confirmed As New DPSCD Superintendent

Press Release - Detroit Public Schools Community District

Today, the Financial Review Commission approved a five-year contract with Dr. Nikolai Vitti as Detroit Public Schools Community District’s new superintendent. Dr. Vitti will take the helm of Michigan’s largest school district on Tuesday, May 23, assuming responsibility for more than 6,000 employees, 48,000 students and an annual fiscal budget of $660 million.

“We are thrilled to work with Dr.


Nikolai Vitti is the Choice for Detroit Superintendent

by Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, April 22, 2017

In its first major decision, the Detroit Public Schools Community District school board voted tonight to enter into contract negotiations with Nikolai Vitti as the district's first permanent superintendent.

Vitti, 40, is superintendent of the Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Fla. He is a native of Dearborn Heights and a graduate of Divine Child High School.


Detroit Parents Opt Out of Testing...Lansing Should Listen

by Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press, April 13, 2017

The 450-and-counting Detroit parents who've opted out of this year's state standardized tests are asking a simple question: Why?

City schools test low — predictably, because poverty is strongly correlated to poor academic performance, and the number of Detroit kids who live in poverty is unacceptably high — results the state uses to justify any number of punitive measures,

The Effectiveness Dilemma

Teacher prep programs have mixed results but experts question President Donald Trump's decision to cut them.

By Lauren Camera | Education Reporter, April 21, 2017

The most important factor in a student's academic success is an effective teacher, most education policy experts agree. In fact, high quality instruction can counter crippling disadvantages, like those associated with low socioeconomic background.


Dems to GAO: Inspect School Tax Credit Voucher Programs

By Lauren Camera, Education Reporter, April 14, 2017

A group of Senate Democrats is asking the Government Accountability Office – the nonpartisan congressional watchdog – to assess whether state tax credit voucher programs used to help pay tuition at private schools result in a mismanagement of public funds.


Expanded School Choice Not in State Ed Plans – So Far

By Lauren Camera, Education Reporter, April 13, 2017

As states begin delivering their proposed school accountability plans to the Department of Education – so far, 10 in total – most seem to be shirking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ suggestion that they include policies to expand school choice.


Parents Hear Pitch For the New Detroit School District

JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press, April 2, 2017

Hundreds of parents and their school-age children spent Sunday afternoon seeing and hearing reasons for attending Detroit Public Schools Community District, which is poised this summer to regain some of its previous size when a so-called state reform district disbands.


Detroit Schools File Suit Against Michigan To Stop Potential Closures

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, March 20, 2017

"Papers will be served today," Alycia Meriweather, the interim superintendent for the district, said during a meeting Monday morning with parents and community members at Central Collegiate Academy. 

"Just know, we're standing with you against closure by the" School Reform Office, Meriweather said. "If any school closures are to happen, it should be at the behest of the elected school board.


Immigrant Students Get Protections Under Detroit School Resolution

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, March 14, 2017

The Detroit Public Schools Community District board of education approved a resolution tonight designed to ensure that immigrant students are safe within the district's schools.

The SafeZone resolution, as it was called, is designed to ensure that the district provides protection, support and assistance to "people of different citizenship statuses," said Misha Stallworth, a board member who offered the resolution.


Superintendent: State Won't Close Schools This Year

Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, March 7, 2017 

Michigan Superintendent Brian Whiston said today that the state this school year won't force the closure of any of the chronically failing schools that have been identified for being shut down if their districts enter into agreements with the state.

But that doesn't mean all of the schools will remain open.

State Pushes Back Time Line For School Closures

Lori Higgins , Detroit Free Press

The State of Michigan is putting off making a decision on whether to close as many as 38 chronically failing schools, according to a news release from Gov. Rick Snyder's office this afternoon.

Snyder has asked that all decisions be ready by May, though some could be announced sooner.


Teachers, Families Protest School Closure Threat

Members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers joined students, parents and teachers of Detroit Public Schools Community District Friday to protest the potential closure of 24 schools.

The rally, outside Osborn College Preparatory Academy, was held in response to a recent decision by the Michigan School Reform Office to close low-performing public schools in Detroit and another elsewhere in the state.


Detroit Students Need Equal Support For Equal Success

By Guest Blogger at The HUB Detroit
COMMENTARY by Sharlonda Buckman 

More than 2,000 years ago the Greek physician Hippocrates told his medical students, “Listen to the patient – he’s trying to tell you what’s wrong with him!”

The Detroit Parent Network embraces that same philosophy as we fight to obtain the best education possible for our city’s children. We want state officials to “Listen to the parents.


Detroit’s New School Board Must Support Teachers

The Detroit school board with the power to direct Michigan's largest school system has been seated for the first time in seven years.

The seven Detroit Public Schools Community board members were collectively sworn in by Michigan Court of Appeals and Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens before about 300 people who erupted in applause.

The Real Effects of Lead Poisoning

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