Core Programming

Love & Logic

100 Level

A seven-week course that meets for two hours each week. Parents will be supported in teaching their kids how to make responsible choices while also owning and solving problems they create. Also teaches parents how to make logical consequences with empathy. There is a $25 fee for all court-ordered participants (includes membership) and participants in all seven weeks will receive a certificate upon completion.

Parent Leadership Training

200 Level

A seven-week course that meets for two hours each week. Parents become self-aware, identify their personal power, clarify their motivation and vision, and develop a personal mission statement. Improve communication, stress management, and project management to positively impact your home, school, and community.

Parent Advocacy Training

300 Level

A five-part course where parents are engaged to listen, learn, and speak on behalf of themselves and their children to promote efficacy and responsiveness to children’s needs. Parents will learn to identify and mobilize others around shared interests and a common cause. Parents will also learn to leverage emotions, politics, economics and the law to facilitate change.

Facilitators Training

400 Level

Monthly three-hour trainings for all new and returning trainers. Provides ongoing support for all facilitators and parent leaders of Detroit Parent Network to assist with increasing knowledge, confidence, and execution of trainings and workshops.