International Delegation Visits DPN

International Delegation Visits DPN

In July, Detroit Parent Network had the privilege of hosting a delegation from Belarus. Sponsored by the US State Department and USAID, the delegation consisted of ten urban planners and community leaders exploring the topic of community and family development. They were hosted by Global Ties, which brings international delegations to visit Detroit on professional exchange programs.

Speaking through the delegation’s translator, DPN staff welcomed the delegation and introduced themselves, giving a brief explanation about their role within the organization. In turn, the members of the delegation introduced themselves, their role, and their area of interest they wanted to learn from their visit to DPN. CEO Jametta Lilly contextualized Detroit for the delegation, and gave an overview of DPN’s programs and role in empowering parents. DPN Ambassador Elizabeth Riachi spoke to the delegation about the power of DPN’s Pathways to Literacy, her background coming from an immigrant family, and about Latinos in Detroit. Next, the group engaged in a dialogue about youth education systems and engaging fathers. In addition, students from Grow Detroit’s Young Talent were given an extended opportunity to speak and ask questions of the delegation. The morning concluded with a friendly discussion over a Cajun Creole lunch with new dishes for the delegations – red beans and rice, sweet potato pie, and banana pudding.

Detroit Parent Network would like to extend its most sincere gratitude to the ten urban planners and community leaders who were able to join us from Belarus. We would also like to acknowledge Global Ties, the US State Department, and USAID, without whom this opportunity would not have been possible.

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